While a number of difficult decisions are waiting for you ahead of your choice to expand the business to a franchise, the first steps toward making your franchise system are some of the most crucial. On this episode of the Franchise Maven Podcast, host Greg Mohr brings on a colleague and a franchising expert with 37 years of industry experience: Rick Robinson. Rick unfolds an honest conversation about how having a sister franchising company has opened up a wealth of opportunities that other franchising companies simply cannot offer new candidates. Get a qualified list of ways you can prepare to be an ideal candidate for franchising from Rick’s company requisites, and above all, get a plethora of resources for beginners, from one-on-one personal experience to features in their major magazine.

3 Key Takeaways

– Why you’ll absolutely need to have an operations manual in your franchise
– The growth Rick predicts for the franchise industry
– Why you need to align yourself with a franchising expert, even if you have an idea of what you’re doing


Website: franchisegenesis.com

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Rick’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rick-robinson-cfe-1b55355/

About Rick Robinson

As a 37-year franchising executive, Rick Robinson has extensive experience in every area of franchising. Rick has been a Franchisor five times as well as launched start-ups, successful turnarounds, and built and owned a very large Multi-Unit Master Franchise. His sales teams have sold over 800 franchises.

As a member of the International Franchise Association for many years, Rick was elected and proudly served on their Board of Directors as well as numerous committees and has been featured as a guest speaker at many of the IFA’s annual conventions.