What is brand positioning? What’s the best brand positioning strategy for expert-based businesses? With good brand positioning, your clients with come to find YOU, and you can command the price premium you deserve.

The key lies in how you position your business. Are you an expertise or service-based business? The different might not sound obvious now, but in the video, we’ll talk about how this will completely change how you AND others perceive your business.

Positioning in marketing is crucial for you to attract the right type of clients. The type that appreciate your skills, talent, and want to work with YOU. Not with the cheapest option our there. We’ll go over basic branding positioning principles and talk about marketing for service based businesses.

Brand Positioning | Are you an EXPERTISE or SERVICE-based business?

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0:00 Why you need a strong positioning as an expert-based business
1:09 7 yes/no questions you need to ask yourself
3:37 How positioning impacts your prices
5:22 Has this happened to you too? EXAMPLE HERE
9:29 An exercise: how to position your business?
12:14 Find your pond

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