Daniel Kraft is the president of National Site Selection Service, Inc. (NSSS). Daniel is a highly respected Retail Site Selection Specialist, having helped countless companies make informed decisions about where to locate their businesses.

In this interview, Daniel shares his insights on the services offered by NSSS and talks about some of the biggest trends currently shaping the site selection landscape. He also discusses some of the red flags that companies face when choosing a new location for their operations and provides advice for those looking to invest in their businesses in this competitive market.

Visit The National Site Selection Service Website: https://www.nsssinc.com/

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00:00 Introduction
00:24 About Daniel Kraft
01:21 Q&A – What are some items first-time entrepreneurs or franchisees miss the first time around when it comes to site selection?
08:23 Q&A – Do you find a difference between renting from a wealthy individual or an institution?
11:35 Q&A – What kind of demographic and data can the franchisor with their market intelligence team provide to you to get the best site?
12:57 Q&A – Have you seen a big difference in levels of professionalism across different franchise systems?
13:38 Q&A – Any red flags you seek out with sites?
15:55 Q&A – How do you see in terms of the data how the locations are performing nearby?
21:14 Q&A – When should a real estate attorney be involved and help with the agreement?
23:46 About the Competition
26:26 Q&A – What do you see on the personal guarantee side?
36:04 Q&A – Going into 2023, what should be top of mind for franchisees?
38:04 Concluding Thoughts

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