Directory services are used to organize and lookup organizational objects and entities, ranging from things like user accounts, user groups, telephone numbers to network shares. Instead of managing a user account and computer information locally on every machine, all of that information can be stored on a directory server for easy access and management.

0:00:00 Introduction to Directory Services
0:01:09 What is a Directory Server?
0:05:13 Implementing Directory Services
0:07:54 What is Centralized Management?
0:17:34 What is LDAP?
0:23:50 Managing Active Directory?
0:27:01 Managing Active Directory Users and Groups
0:38:30 Managing Active Directory User Passwords
0:43:05 Joining an Active Directory Domain
0:47:43 What is Group Policy?
0:52:11 Group Policy Creation and Editing
1:05:42 Group Policy Inheritance and Precedence
1:13:51 Group Policy Troubleshooting
1:27:21 Mobile Device Management
1:29:11 What is OpenLDAP?
1:33:10 Managing OpenLDAP

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