EZDeals Review

What is EZDeals?

EZDeals Website : https://bit.ly/3hYx9eB

Deals are always hot-selling but local businesses do not have access to any technology that creates deal pages at affordable prices. There is a service like Groupon that publishes Deals of Local Businesses on their website/platform.

But it hurts the profitability of the local business as they have to share their profits as commission to these types of platforms. So local businesses are keen to have their own system at an affordable price.

EZDeals is a premium deals page creator which has a number of different layouts of deal pages for various niches, mostly in local niche but some online niches as well. It can be used by new or existing businesses to boost the online sales of their product or service. It is easy to use and creates high converting scarcity driven deal pages in just a few clicks.

EZDeals allows you to set up Deals Pages on ANY Website and server… bypassing Groupon and other rip-off deal sites that local biz owners hate! You can become a local superhero by setting up deals pages for biz owners in seconds! You can set up a simple, high converting deal page in seconds with EZDeals right now.

The newly released EZDeals cloud app allows you to create multiple high-ranking deal sites with the push of a button (all from DONE-FOR-YOU templates!). You’d instantly become every Local Biz Owner’s HERO helping them bypass Groupon and attract tons of buyers with a profitable service that takes just a few minutes of your time.

With EZDeals, you can create amazing deals pages that are empowered with the proven conversion tools like engaging designs, eye-pleasing layouts, great-looking pricing sections, countdown timer, and quantity scarcity section!

There’s thousands more people who need YOUR help creating a deals site right now. These are real people who need your help. With EZDeals, you could be solving their burning problems in seconds… and get paid buckets of cash in return!

Local Consultants are desperately willing to pay for Deal Site Creation services. There’s thousands more people who need YOUR help creating a deals site right now. These are REAL people who need YOUR help! With EZDeals, you could be solving their burning problems in seconds. and get paid buckets of cash in return!

It is Packed with…

– Create up to 100 deals pages for local businesses in any town, city or state!
– Lease hundreds of deals page sites and collect a sweet passive income every single month!
– 20 ready-made deals page templates!
– Add countdown timers, quantity boxes and embed video!
– Thank you pages that upsell, get your deals shared and more!
– Built-in social sharing brings FREE customers!
– Ready-to-go retargeting technology!
– 100% mobile-optimized designs!
– Powerful reporting and page manager backend!
– Profitable service that clients will pay you for TODAY!
– Start creating pages and collecting cash in minutes!
– No hosting or hidden costs, ever!
– Plus $1000’s in client-getting tools, yours free!
– Scarcity tools
– Dozens of high converting niche templates
– Built-in traffic technology
– Backend management screens
– Full customization and editing
– Video embedding
– Mobile optimized layouts
– Step by step training to get paying clients tonight

This push button software could be the easiest and most profitable thing you’ll ever offer to local biz owners… 97% of biz owners are desperately running deals and discounts to bounce back from the 2020 nightmare. But they’re still getting SCREWED!

The mainstream coupon sites are only there for themselves and the big stores. So how does that help you? Well with EzDeals you will have the perfect solution to their problem! See they’re CRYING OUT for a better way to offer deals and win customers!

Now you can instantly create deals pages that helps local businesses sell like crazy… They will love you and it only gets better! So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this EZDeals Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

More Info Visit https://bit.ly/3hYx9eB