Fire Emblem is one of Nintendo’s most storied franchises, stretching over 3 decades, and is credited with creating the Strategy RPG sub-genre. In this video retrospective we’ll go through Fire Emblem’s entire history, from Famicom Wars all the way through Fire Emblem Engage.

Which Fire Emblem is your favorite?

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0:00 History of Intelligent Systems
0:54 Famicom Wars
2:48 Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light
6:53 Gaiden
10:38 Genealogy of the Holy War
15:21 Thracia 776
17:44 Tear Ring Saga & Lawsuits
19:58 The Binding Blade
22:41 The Smash Bros. Effect
23:32 Fire Emblem (aka The Blazing Blade)
26:56 The Sacred Stones
30:38 Path of Radiance
34:27 Radiant Dawn
38:40 Awakening
43:02 Fates
47:36 Three Houses
52:28 Remakes
55:22 BS Fire Emblem
56:02 Side Games (Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Warriors, Heroes)
59:29 Cameos in Other Games
1:01:02 The Series’ Future

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