Starting a business from scratch can be a risk many entrepreneurs like to dream about but aren’t will to take. Considering the failure rates of small businesses in America, it is easy to see why? According to the U.S. Small Business Administration only 33% of all small businesses succeed past their 10th anniversary. Lack of planning, poor management, insufficient capital and failure to define the target market are the main reasons why businesses fail.

Conversely a reputable franchise business model offers the entrepreneur the following three compelling reasons that a start-up business does not possess

1. The first compelling reason is an Established Operating System. As a franchisee, one is able to take advantage of established systems that have identified the target market, offer a clear business plan and offer an operating history that has been honed over time.

2. The second compelling reason is Brand Recognition
Establishing brand recognition can be an expensive and a difficult task when beginning from scratch. Taking advantage of the recognition that a regional and national brand provides takes a huge weight off the new business owner.

3. And the final compelling reason is Ongoing Support
Whether you want to be hands on with day-to-day running of the business or you want to manage the business from afar, ongoing support is a vital aspect that start-ups simply don’t have access to and is significant competitive edge in the market place.

No matter what your experience, background or goals are, a strong franchise business model offers significant benefits for the entrepreneur. For further information about a franchise opportunity, contact the team at, by calling 1-800-544-2161 for a free consultation today.