Multimedia presentations are a great way to get your information across. They’re engaging and keep a viewer interested by what could come next. Learn more about how to create a multimedia presentation in this video, then get started with Visme:

Multimedia presentations are — as the name suggests — presentations that contain various types of media. This could be a video, animated graphic, voiceover, interactive elements and more.

Throughout this video, we talk about things like:
1:17 How to Create a Multimedia Presentation
1:30 Step #1: Define the Purpose of the Presentation
1:57 Step #2: Outline the Content With Visualization Ideas
2:35 Step #3: Select a Presentation Template & Add Your Content
3:34 Step #4: Add Multimedia Content
4:24 Step #5: Review, Download and Share
5:22 7 Multimedia Presentation Examples
8:39 5 Software to Use for Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia presentations have a number of different uses, but they’re fantastic for keeping an audience engaged. Not only that, but multimedia presentations can easily be embedded into a blog post or landing page to further engage readers and website visitors.

To create your own multimedia presentation, take advantage of a presentation tool (like Visme *wink wink*) that can easily help.

With Visme, you can:
– Embed video content
– Create interactivity between slides
– Record voiceover
– Insert animated graphics, characters, icons and more
– Add hotspots and other interactive elements
– Build easy-to-understand data visualizations
– And more

Learn more about how to create a multimedia presentation in the blog post version of this video:

Or start searching for a presentation template that will help you stand out:

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