In this video tutorial, I will show you how to create a resource section within

1. Create a hub in Searchie and select which template works best for you.

2. Set up the settings of the new hub you created. You can choose between private and public.

3. Open the Searchie editor page to add or create a playlist

4. If you have multiple PDFs or videos for your resources, you can either create more sections or attach a link that will direct people to your resources

5. To avoid confusion with your sections, make sure to label each sections

6. You will need to host the PDF as an external link like DropBox or Google Drive if you wanted to have a standalone resource. But if the resource is part of a video or playlist, you can click on “attachments”.

This is explained also in this Searchie support document:

0:00 – Welcome
0:25 – How to create a hub in Searchie
1:47 – Modify the visibility of your new hub
2:22 – Customize the hub to open the editor page
2:47 – How to add / create a playlist
3:35 – How to add a name and description to your bonus video
4:14 – How to create sections for PDFs or videos only (Option #1)
5:08 – How to use a link to redirect users to your resources (Option #2)
6:40 – How to check and rename each section of your hub
7:44 – How to add a PDF content (Searchie hosted) to a Searchie video
10:15 – Bonus tip for embedding videos from Searchie
10:43 – Final thoughts
11:06 – Closing



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