Kingdom Business Summit 2023

No Sales = No Cashflow
You can have the best product, the most engaging team and a perfect systems manual; but unless you can convert prospects into customers, your business is doomed to fail.
And yet most business people underperform in sales.
To be great, you need a killer sales process with quality scripts and intense follow-up.
In this week’s episode of the Kingdom Business Podcast, I take you to a private training session where I teach on how to close more sales.

Kingdom Business Summit 2023 0:00
Masterclass Intro 1:25
How do we get more people to say yes 1:54
Yes Maybe No 2:15
Yes is great, No is good, Maybe sucks for everybody 9:44
Be on the hunt 11:34
Customer feedback 14:50
Why you are not closing sales 16:25
Chances of catching people when they are free 19:31
Offer to take them through it on the phone 20:20
Asking the question right 26:30

Making Sales & Closing Deals | Kingdom Business Podcast Ep 35
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