Are there work from home franchise businesses? Yes! Some of these low cost businesses can earn more than a fast food restaurant costing millions of dollars. We look at home based franchise ideas today on Franchise City

When you think franchises most people think of the big food names, McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, but that same successful franchise model that provides support, training and a proven business system is also available in home based businesses. So you just plug your own motivation into a successful franchise model, and build your own business. All of those restaurants would cost you over a million dollars to buy, these work from home franchise business ideas are low cost and provide a flexible lifestyle.

There are two types of home based franchise choices, a one person army, where it is you doing the work, like consulting, and there are franchises with employees. There is no right or wrong answer, some people prefer to not deal with employees, others prefer to work towards a more passive business.

Let’s start with a little known but very successful sector, renovation/restoration and home improvement. The owner is hiring and managing crews who go out and conduct the work, and developing relationships locally. The owner may also choose to do estimates, or they can hire a salesperson. Some brands do allow for home based ownership, you may want to get a small office and warehouse once the business grows. This industry can be very profitable. One franchise has an average net profit of over $200k a year, that is net profit, with an investment of around $80k. This brand has sold out in many territories, if you are interested call franchise city we’ll check if your city is still open. They are SBA approved so with 30% down buyers can finance the rest. Another brand with a slightly higher investment shows EBITDA of over 1.5 million a year . This business focuses on disaster recovery repairs so if you are in a region with severe weather it might be a great fit.

Next up is Real Estate. There are several great work from home options in the real estate space, some do investing/flipping and/or rentals. This can be a great business if you want to build a big portfolio. Yes, you can do this on your own but a franchise gives access to tools like estimating, shows you how to bid, gets you access to great leads, and excellent financing. Many owners in this space have earned millions. Other brands in this space do staging of homes, so you provide furniture, stage the home, which helps it sell for a higher amount. A recent addition in the RE technology space does provides services to Realtors like 3D interactive tours, virtual reality tours, drone footage, and listing promotions that help Realtors close more deals. Very interesting new franchise, investment for that in the $60k range and this is a flexible business you can operate on your own. Property management can also be a great option, you help investors manage their properties, these can be commercial, vacation or residential properties, its a great way to enter the real estate market without the risk, investment for that starting at around $50k. And last up in real estate is running your own brokerage. So you hire on Realtors, they sell houses, you make an override, property market is hot right now lots of people making money, investment for a brokerage franchise is around $40k.
Another good work from home franchise niche is business consulting. This is a low overhead business where you help companies become more efficient, effective and or save money. This is a very relational business, you are speaking with CEO’s and business owners so you will need to be comfortable doing that. This is a good business for executives, or ex-CEO’s who want to replace their executive income and run their own business. Top producers in this industry do over a million a year, and investment for that is around $60k. Other consulting type gigs at a lower cost of around $20k include financial services, where you arrange loans for businesses and receive a percentage of the loan.

Vending. In vending we include businesses like ATM or Bitcoin machine routes, as well as traditional vending where you place and service machines in your area that might be stocked with snacks and or soft drinks. Yes, you can also do this on your own but a franchise assists with placement, bulk product pricing, and support on how to build the business quickly. We’ve seen investors start with just a few machines, and build up to a network of over 100+ machines, which can create a very profitable business. Investment starts at around $40k and up depending on the number of machines you buy.

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