What does it mean to sell “solutions”? How can I better know the direction my clients are heading? How can I become more valuable as a partner and trusted advisor? How can I make more money? These are important questions for any service business. But for tech providers, having an answer to these questions is vital for your survival. Anyone can offer cheaper tech support. But can they provide guidance and a plan for growth for their customers?

Our panel of tech solutions selling experts at CompTIA CCF sheds light on these daunting technology business challenges. Carolyn April, senior director of industry analysis with CompTIA, moderates a panel of solution providers, sales trainers, and channel development experts to address the impact, realities, and urgency as managed services providers (MSPs) become more and more crucial to business continuity, data protection, and keeping their clients running.

This panel discussion by Carolyn April, Senior Director of Industry Analysis, CompTIA

• Alisa Kunz, Sr. Director Sales Enablement, TeamLogic IT
• Brendan Turner, President, Turner Techtronics, Inc.
• Hannah O’Donnell, Director of Sales, Collabrance

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