This week on the video version of the Business of Tech:

00:00 The cybersecurity situation in Ukraine
04:20 The situation everywhere else
09:44 The very unique extortion NVIDIA is facing
11:10 A look at the state of play on digitalization
14:08 The current job market and the redistribution of work
18:30 Recognizing the pay gap on International Women’s Day
19:26 Kaseya’s 2022 MSP Benchmark Survey
23:37 Learn more about Egnyte!
24:13 How the retail IT services space looks
27:55 IDC’s predictions changes based on the Russia-Ukraine war
29:10 The return to the office, with employers and employees facing off
33:15 The cyber security legislation landscape shifted due to war
35:23 Microsoft’s NCE delay
36:43 Twitter adds a Tor Service
37:44 Cutting Russia off from the internet
39:41 Kaseya hacker extradited

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