A video version of this week’s podcasts, focused on news for those delivering IT Services.. This week’s stories:

00:00 Jobs data, worker sentiment, and filling the gaps – what’s next?
03:45 The uncertainty of the future for SMBs with a new pace of change
07:24 Spending up on security amidst White House meetings and large attack surfaces
10:48 What will office parties look like?
11:50 Microsoft changes their tune on right to repair
12:34 Cisco’s Partner program! https://lnkd.in/gsydMya/
13:11 Small Business Recovery — prices, pay, and labor all at play
15:35 Broadband and pay disparity insights
17:07 Market sizes: software audits, IT services, and managed services
18:37 California’s push on NDAs as part of the larger trend
19:41 Coming investments and disruption in the MSP market?

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