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Franchising your business can be an excellent tool for increasing your brand recognition. It is possible to franchise both an existing business or a startup, depending on how far you are with building up your brand, but starting from scratch means that the franchisor has complete control over what products are sold at each franchise location.

When you Franchise your Business, it’s essential to know the different sources where you can sell your Business’s Franchises.

This video covers four of the best sources for you to sell your business franchise.

Watch till the end and comment down the best source you think for selling Business Franchises.

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I’ve been helping people franchise their business for 10+ years, and ever since then, I have realized that there has been no comprehensive guide out there!

Like you 12 years ago, I was exploring all the options for expanding my business. Licensing, Going Public, Investors, Venture Capital, Friends, Family and of course Franchising. Which I openly understood and knew nothing about Franchising at that point.

Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners worldwide in virtually every industry take their business to the next level by Franchising.

Franchising School is the first and only online academy to help business owners franchise their businesses. We outline a simple (4) phase process to understand if Franchising is right for your business and the steps to take to accomplish that goal.

With Franchising School, You’ll learn everything you need to know (A-Z) about franchising your business without any fluff or sales pitches. This allows business owners to invest a little before they invest a lot in franchising their business.

This brand-new Live Masterclass is the condensed version of years of trials and tribulations to what makes franchising work for any size business.